Antenatal, Delivery, Neonatal and Postnatal care

We provide a comprehensive service that caters for women preconceptionally, during pregnancy and delivery as well as during the 6-week period following delivery. Our neonatal services are designed to provide easy access,

We run a robust general outpatient service that caters for many of the primary and secondary care needs of our adult clients.

Our in-patient facility also provides ample resources to help you navigate illness successfully and recuperate in a warm and caring environment.


Through a growing online access to local and international consultants, we provide off-site specialist diagnosis and reporting of ECG tracings for our clients.


We provide ultrasound services with 3-dimensional output and

This includes pre-employment assessments, pre-school assessments and general wellness visits. We invite you to walk-in or schedule an appointment via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International and Travel Health has become increasingly relevant to healthcare delivery in Nigeria given the tremendous international traffic across our borders on a daily basis. Kwara State has had its fair share of local travelers and particularly, international visitors.

Olanrewaju Hospital is uniquely positioned to provide

This is at the core of our services. We run a ‘full-spectrum’ family practice that consistently and comprehensively caters to the needs of majority of our clients at the initial visit. Our clients also benefit richly from our strong network of local and international specialists, many of whom are leading scholars in their fields of expertise.

We provide the full spectrum of ENT services through collaboration with an ENT surgeon.

Referral service is integral to the practice of family medicine.

Despite our rich network of consultants and specialists, we recognize that we cannot and will not always meet the healthcare needs of all of our clients all the time and are committed to first and foremost,

We provide a robust general adult and paediatric surgical service in collaboration with a dedicated team of local and international surgeons. Our competence covers acute surgical problems and lingering surgical issues that may require out-patient investigation and elective surgical interventions.

We run a 24hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week emergency service that is fully supported by a dedicated team of health professionals, laboratory support and imaging services where necessary. Appropriate referral is also provided when indicated.

Our practice has seen an immense growth in consultation of geriatric patients over the years and has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the management of their peculiar problems.

We provide geriatric services in an atmosphere that ensures the gentle and empathetic

Pediatric MedicineSupported by a rich network of paediatric specialists, we provide a comprehensive range of services to children across the spectrum of paediatric illnesses from infancy through adolescence in a friendly setting.

Our healthcare professionals are trained to provide

Fertility ClinicWe recognize the anxiety and desperation of couples with fertility related problems and trying to evaluate them in a busy out-patient clinic will not be ideal. We therefore encourage client to book an appointment at first visits to our facility.

All labour cases are assigned to a personal-care midwife on admission to the delivery suite which is equipped with standard delivery beds, one of which is the ultra-modern Affinity 4 Birthing bed fitted with cardiotocograph for monitoring mothers and the fetus.

The laboratory operates 24 hours a day. It is equipped to provide basic and advanced services in chemical pathology, haematology/blood bank, microbiology and parasitology. We recently acquired the “piccolo express chemistry analyzer”,

There are 30 beds for inpatients which include single rooms, double rooms and general wards. In-patients enjoy 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and borehole treated water. 24-hour internet service is also available for patients with portable computers/handheld PCs.

We run a very busy out-patient service, catering for about 22000 patients a year. We cope with patient volume due to dedicated staff that has been trained to identify emergencies while patients await their turn in a very organized and friendly setting.

Ultrasound Services and Telemedicine

We provide ultrasound services with 3-dimensional output and colour doppler capabilities in general abdominal, urological, obstetrics and gynecological modalities. We perform trans-rectal ultrasound scans (TRUS) for prostate evaluations on request.