Fertility ClinicWe recognize the anxiety and desperation of couples with fertility related problems and trying to evaluate them in a busy out-patient clinic will not be ideal. We therefore encourage client to book an appointment at first visits to our facility.

Most first visits from our experience involve the female partner registering in our outpatient clinic to complain about inability to conceive. At this stage we will arrange an appointment to see the couple together to discuss the initial investigations and management plans.

On your first appointment we will take a comprehensive history and do gynaecological examinations that will enable us assess the reproductive performance of both you and your spouse. You will undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan to assess your womb and ovaries. Your spouse's semen will be collected for analysis and you will be asked to undergo a tubal patency test, if indicated

On your second appointment, the results of your tubal patency tests (Hysterosalpingogram) and your husband’s semen analysis would have been ready. If indicated we would have asked that you do some hormonal tests. At this visit a diagnosis of the possible cause of infertility will be made, specialist advice will be offered and appropriate treatments will be recommended without further delay.